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Data-driven intelligent architecture for FX etrading

Dariush HessamiNews, Press

In the past 60 years, information technology has evolved on a one decade- long innovation cycle. A new cycle has started, which is centered around Data and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning and is forcefully gaining momentum.

Whitepaper: Smart Order Routing and Automation – A new wave of innovation

Medan Gabbay

Liquidity fragmentation, the phenomenon of multi-listing of an instrument on different venues, creates deeper and broader markets and lowers transaction costs. Despite the benefits, it has become a major challenge to market participants from buy-side to sell- side institutions, as it has led to a more complex trading landscape. Some of the tools used to address this problem have been in place for a long period, while others are new to the market.

Quod is a powerful alternative to Bloomberg’s SSEOMS, Greyspark report says

Medan GabbayNews, Press

Greyspark report highlights Quod Financial as powerful alternative to ‘SSEOMS’ A comprehensive report done by the Capital Markets consultancy company, Greyspark Partners, has highlighted Quod Financial’s Data Driven OMS as a powerful alternative to SSEOMS, Fidessa, Itiviti and others. “Quod is uniquely positioned to integrate with multiple external parties minimising client impact. As a Tier 1 Bank trading solution our … Read More

Product Brochure: Execution Management Systems (EMS)

Medan Gabbay

An effective EMS platform requires a fully integrated, intelligent and highly configurable system that allows rapid automation, whilst retaining the unique trading style of the client. Quod Financial Multi-asset EMS combines Automated Trading Adaptive Algo Engine Smart Order Routing Internalisation Equities, FX, Derivatives and OMS integration Connectivity to 80+ venues (banks, ECNs, brokers etc

Product Brochure: Automated Trading

Medan Gabbay

At the heart of any modern trading operations are three core principles: Data, Automation and Control. Quod Financial offers the only adaptive execution platform that provides actionable data, with highly flexible automated machine trading and and full control by the traders.