Adaptive Market Making (MM) 

Market Making is under severe regulatory demands, and reduced market volatility makes automation essential for generating profits. A fail-proof system that is transparent and has stringent risk controls, is the crucial component for any modern Market Maker.

Quod Financial MM combines

FX Market-Making

ETF & Cash Liquidity Providing

Simple Option Market-Making

Quote Management

Double-sided automated quote generation and quote management to Equities, Derivatives, and FX exchanges.

Risk Management

Comprehensive multi-asset risk management using actual position-keeping and a complete view of open orders.


Possibility to cross-liquidity on an internal market.

Algorithmic Engine

State-of-the-art algo engine with out-of-the-box algos as well as a comprehensive C++ API for coding internal market-making logic.

    Excel Plugin

    Receive real-time prices and publish dual-sided quotes or limit orders from an Excel file giving a lightweight mechanism for pricing.

    Execution & Order Management

    Execution of single and list with intuitive management of list, basket orders, and quotes.

    Adaptive Market-Making

    Provides an open platform that can be easily integrated into your pricing engines, feed providers (or derived data such as volatility and Greeks), risk management, and other systems. The integration is done using FIX or open APIs. The application is modular, easy to implement, use and change.

    UI and Sales Trading Screens

    Market Making screens that allow configuration of quoting logic, spreads, skews, quote sizes, client tiers, P&L, Auto Hedging,  and risk limits.

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