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How Do Synthetic Orders Simplify Trader Workflow?

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Exchange displaying Quod's multiple emulation capability to configure trader order parameters based on any order type

Synthetic market orders is the ability to emulate TIF / behaviours / order types for venues which do not natively support them. This critical capability reduces rejections, simplifies trader workflows, and speeds execution. How does Quod’s system support traders in improving their trading through synthetic market order strategies?

Data-driven intelligent architecture for FX etrading

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In the past 60 years, information technology has evolved on a one decade- long innovation cycle. A new cycle has started, which is centered around Data and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning and is forcefully gaining momentum.

Quod is a powerful alternative to Bloomberg’s SSEOMS, Greyspark report says

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Greyspark report highlights Quod Financial as powerful alternative to ‘SSEOMS’ A comprehensive report done by the Capital Markets consultancy company, Greyspark Partners, has highlighted Quod Financial’s Data Driven OMS as a powerful alternative to SSEOMS, Fidessa, Itiviti and others. “Quod is uniquely positioned to integrate with multiple external parties minimising client impact. As a Tier 1 Bank trading solution our … Read More

Product Brochure: Execution Management Systems (EMS)

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An effective EMS platform requires a fully integrated, intelligent and highly configurable system that allows rapid automation, whilst retaining the unique trading style of the client. Quod Financial Multi-asset EMS combines Automated Trading Adaptive Algo Engine Smart Order Routing Internalisation Equities, FX, Derivatives and OMS integration Connectivity to 80+ venues (banks, ECNs, brokers etc

Product Brochure: Automated Trading

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At the heart of any modern trading operations are three core principles: Data, Automation and Control. Quod Financial offers the only adaptive execution platform that provides actionable data, with highly flexible automated machine trading and and full control by the traders.