Best Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) Solution


Quod's TCA award - represented in rectangular geometric shapes - win with WatersTechnology Asia awards 2021

Quod Financial wins WatersTechnology Asia Awards 2021 for Best Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) Solution.

London, 23 June 2021 – Quod Financial has been recognised for displaying innovation and creativity in its multi-asset TCA technology, demonstrating high standards in developing best-in-class solutions to meet the demands of capital markets.

The award mirrors Quod’s propensity to support traders in monitoring and improving their execution decisions by providing insight, in real-time, on how market conditions, trading behaviour, and market volatility is impacting their trading performance – not just highlight poor performance against benchmarks and prove best execution to counterparties.

The interoperability of Quod’s automated trading technology suite have better-equipped trading desks to utilise ML-driven feedback and real-time visualisation to make real-time recommendations on the traders’ OEMS configurations. The probabilistic ML approach can predict price reversions, adjust the model from real-time observations, and provide predictive analysis to anticipate the trading impact of a given strategy.

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Additionally our multi-asset TCA:

– Gives post-trade and instantly exploitable pre-trade analysis of execution for clients, traders and quants
– Uses advanced analytics to manage the complexity of big data, which is near or real-time for actionable decisions
– Leverages a powerful dashboard to monitor overall trading and understand every single order execution

Medan Gabbay, Chief Revenue Officer at Quod Financial, commented:“TCA combined with ML will be the most influential shift in how our industry manages automation. It is our great pleasure to be recognised for the work we are investing in with our clients to develop this technology. It is a validation of our ongoing efforts to bring the latest cutting-edge innovation into TCA.”

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