Automated Trading

At the heart of any modern trading operations lie three core principles: Data, Automation, and Control. Quod Financial offers the only adaptive execution platform that provides actionable data, featuring highly flexible automated machine trading and granting full control to traders.

AI/ML Innovation

Our platform leverages a data-driven architecture to continually fuel AI/ML enhanced trading automation. Our web-based administration allows real-time configuration of the system including algo building, pre-trade automation, client/risk management, tier, and aggregation configuration, as well as automated backtesting.

Our implementation of machine learning (ML) introduces real-time recommendations to our clients. With over 450+ configurable parameters in our SOR, our automated feedback helps clients know how to achieve the best results.

What you get with Quod Technology

Quod Financial uses a microservices-style architecture to offer the most flexible solution in Financial Services. No more headaches around scaling or multi-location implementation. Easily access data in real-time via API or File and integrate with any 3rd-party system.

Infinite Scaling

Quod Financial uses a microservices-style architecture to offer the most flexible solution in Financial Services. 

Easy Upgrades

Monthly Releases and 1432+ New Features per year all included in our software subscription


Buy and Build

Use our APIs to add functionality to any part of the platform. Without risk.


All real-time market and execution data, as well as historical statistical analysis, are made available to the users and, more importantly, are used within the platform – be it a simple routing rule, or a highly complex algorithm.

This includes a granular view of the order (“what happened to my order!”),
and an aggregate view of how execution is progressing with historical comparison
– e.g. Venues Hit Ratio, latency, rejections, spread capture etc. This is all presented as an intuitive dashboard and online reports, fully available to the traders, quants and decision makers.


Full Execution
Real-Time Reports

Detailed reports and real time dashboards are generated for internal quant/dev teams to understand the execution logic and behaviour.


Automation includes full pre-trade logic engine, automated actions such as booking / allocations, post-trade message management,  complex algorithms and SOR, which acts as the most critical tool. This is all built within flexible workflows which adapt to your trading operations and goals.

As the market moves, the trading logic uses all the different data to update the decision tree. The trader has powerful tools to monitor the overall exceptions that impact the trading flow; it includes supervision front- end to monitor abnormalities – e.g. orders that stay too long to execute, paused algorithms or the Venue Rejects; multi-channel alerting mechanisms; and administration front- end to change in real-time any state machine / algorithm.


At any time, the trader is in control of the overall process: starting from the granular (order-by-order), rolling up to the holistic view of the trading built- in intuitive representations. Traders and admins can then take control of every single order/algorithm; for instance, an algorithm can be paused / restarted with minimal risk taken. The exception management concepts provide the ability to focus on what is important and needs attention, and to understand how the trading is progressing on the platform. Finally, it has the ability to self-manage / administrate the parameters and logic of the risk, OMS, routing and algorithms. Every change is immediately taken by the platform.

Seamless Integration

The system is designed to seamlessly integrate with any existing technology and allows the use of 3rd party systems without restriction. It also provides the ability to utilize any symbology available from all data providers.


Fully configurable to meet the unique needs of different traders or trading strategies.

24x6 3rd Line Support

With a global 24/6 3rd line helpdesk that provides real-time support via phone and chat, critical trading operations can be managed with ease.

Smart Order Routing (SOR)

With over 14 years of experience, Quod Financial offers the most powerful and customisable Smart Order Routing solution available in the market in Americas, Europe, Middle-East and Asia. Quod's Lit/Dark Smart Order Router uses real-time data including AI/ML analysis of markets to take microsecond based execution decisions. Our SOR can be configured using a real-time web interface that allows for highly customised strategies using 450+ parameters.

Multi-Asset Market Simulator

Tool designed for testing your trading activities. Use our trading simulator to test and evolve your trading tools and strategies.


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