TCA and Best Execution Reporting

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Your complete TCA provider

Actionable real-time TCA with Quod’s multi-asset platform. Our real-time analytics solution enables you to monitor and analyse in-depth execution performance - with ML capabilities to convert TCA market outputs into practical changes in your OMS/EMS.

Pre-trade and Post-trade analysis

Quod Financial TCA (AEP) gives post-trade and instantly exploitable pre-trade analysis of executions for clients, traders and quants.

Accurate Data Capture

AEP TCA / Analytics manages the complexity of big data which is near or real-time for actionable decisions. The powerful dashboard is the best tool for monitoring your overall trading and understanding every single order execution:

Order by Order

  • Order lifecycle in descriptive plain English audit trail
  • Detailed and step-by-step decision- making process + Context of each decision (e.g. market snapshots)
  • Attached relevant benchmarks, such as Slippage, Calculated VWAP and Spread-capture, to determine the execution performance

Global View

  • Venue latency
  • Venue hit ratio
  • Rejection rate
  • Spread / Spread capture
  • Broker algorithm performance monitoring
  • Venue toxicity

TCA / Best Execution Report

TCA / Best execution and Benchmarking are critical for regulatory reporting. Quod AEP uniquely provides the intelligence to immediately use analysis for real-time trading, as well as viewing overall execution performance.

  • Receive benchmarks and 3rd party reference data
  • Seamlessly integrate external and 3rd party information, both to provide report benchmarks, and also to export TCA data to other providers.
  • Our persistent data store has full access to data via ITK, FIX and API.

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