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Get a glimpse of how we are innovating in our product development and shaping the future of data-driven trading.
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Innovating for today and tomorrow

Our experts and product specialists are collaborating with clients and partners globally to solve challenges facing capital markets today and rapidly validate solutions to give our customers a cost-effective edge for generating alpha.

Our deep experience in emerging technologies is helping shape the future of trading.

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"We are bringing the latest technology and cutting-edge innovation into this sector, making advanced trading capabilities easily accessible to trading desks."
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Mickael Rouillere

Chief Technology Officer
Quod Financial

Feature Updates

Explore our latest product feature updates

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what we're working on at Quod and how we
are transforming the future of data-driven trading.


What we're working on in Quod Financial

Stay up to date with expert views on how data, automation, and the next
generation of innovative technologies and strategies are shaping the future
of financial services.

ML in TCA poll results showing that 75% of respondents indicated that better trading outcomes and decisions is the main driver for the adoption of an advanced ML-driven TCA solution

Turning TCA into trading outcomes using AI and ML

Find out how Quod and Refinitiv use AI/ML, driven by real-time TCA, to improve traders' trading strategies and execution performance.
smart order routing geometric shapes with orange circles connected together

Better automation and execution quality with the FX SOR's new behaviors

Find out how Quod's innovation in the FX SOR is streamlining traders' workflows, improving execution outcomes, and bringing value to the FX desk.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at our latest technology updates and innovation processes.

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