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Quod Financial offers multi-asset Front-to-middle trading solutions for sell-side and buy-side. Our unique data-driven architecture and real-time intelligence lowers costs, improves trading performance, and consolidates technology across your institution.
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The Adaptive Trading Technology To Drive Financial Markets Forward

The new challenges facing trading desks require technology specifically designed to be adaptive through the use of real-time data to increase pre- and post-trade automation.

Quod Financial brings a trading technology solution across all asset classes (equities, FX, derivatives, fixed income, and digital assets) that can easily use any signal or real-time event within a trading or market-making workflow for decision-making.

Quod Financial product capabilities

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Real-time data intelligence

Advanced market-making capabilities adapt to real-time market conditions and internal signals to skew and adjust pricing capabilities. 
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SOR and Algo Trading platform

Our trading technologies react to real-time market conditions as well as historical data. New AI/ML performance enhancements bring improvements against industry benchmarks.
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Pre-trade automation

Rules save traders time by automating inbound and outbound orders based on static and dynamic conditions.
QUod Financial Trading System for US market traders O/EMS OMS EMS

The Ultimate Solution for US Traders

Quod Financial offers a complete Front-to-Middle Office Trading platform, providing the backbone for your trading desk operations and client order flow.

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Our customers, located globally

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We are impressed by Quod's passion and clear focus on bringing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into their technology, as well as implementing steady improvements and innovative features to their multi-asset solution. This makes Quod's technology both future-proof and trend-setting in our industry.
Danijel Zver Group Head of Equity and Derivatives International Trading

Top News

Quod Financial wins Most Innovative Solution for Front Office/Trading

Quod Financial has been recognized for its excellence in meeting the needs of e-trading markets with its suite of automated trading technologies.

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Quod Financial launches a Fully Multi-Asset Middle Office Solution

Quod unlocks the path to a fully multi-asset and automated Middle Office with workflow efficiency and automation in its core.

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LSEG launches multi-asset sell-side OMS powered by Quod Financial

The OMS solution will deliver automated trading and execution with enhanced analytics across multiple asset classes, leveraging Refinitiv data and networks.

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