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Crypto vs FX
6th February 2023Quod Insights

Crypto and FX trading technology comparison

Crypto trading is the closest to FX Trading, but it also has distinct differences. The main reason is the fact that Crypto, as well as FX is about a relative price between the crypto (or the currency) and USD....

19th December 2022Quod Insights

Coins and Tokens Landscape 2022

Cryptocurrency is often used as an umbrella term for the various types of coins (currencies) and tokens (contracts) that use blockchain technology. We list the main types of coins and tokens that can be traded....

9th November 2022Quod Insights

What is the value of data at the trading desk?

Historically, many decisions taken by traders have relied on subjective expertise, which is influenced by individual bias and emotion. Today, data eliminates that problem, offering more transparency in trading decisions. ...

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