Quod Financial wins Most Innovative Solution for Front-Office/Trading


Quod Financial wins most innovative solution for front office / trading

Quod Financial wins A-Team Innovation 2021 Award for Most Innovative Solution for Front-Office Trading.

London, 23 March 2021 – For the second time in 2021, Quod Financial has been recognised for its excellence in meeting the needs of e-trading markets by having its suite of automated trading technologies named as the Most Innovative Solutions for Front-Office/Trading. This achievement highlights the strength of its offerings in the OMS, EMS, TCA, and Smart Order Routing (SOR) space.

The A-Team Innovation Awards recognise innovative approaches and solutions taken by vendors and technology solution providers to the financial industry. Winners were selected by a panel of industry experts assessing the overall capabilities of the trading technologies.

Quod Financial has not only provided the first mainstream use of AI/ML in real-time execution workflows but with the addition of Fixed Income (FI), Quod is the only truly multi-asset, data-driven OMS/EMS covering cash equity, listed equity derivatives, FX (all instruments), and digital assets.

With the growing implementation of ML in Quod’s technology, customers are provided with a low-cost and efficient mechanism to extract patterns and implicitly find new trading strategies. It means that trade data derived from an internal OMS/EMS, best execution reporting, and external data providers is used to find patterns and make real-time recommendations on OMS/EMS configurations based on the provided TCA output to the trader. It can also be used to refine some of the behaviour of the underlying SOR algorithm(s) to help navigate the challenges of execution.

Angela Wilbraham, CEO of the A-Team Group, commented:“There are incredible innovations in the world of capital markets data and technology. Our A-Team Innovation Awards 2021 were created to celebrate and reward those companies at the forefront of innovation within our industry. We congratulate Quod Financial on winning The Most Innovative solution for Front-Office/Trading award in recognition of their excellence in driving forward progress in capital markets capabilities.”

Medan Gabbay, Chief Revenue Officer at Quod Financial, commented:“We are honored to receive this award for our innovative and robust Front Office capabilities. It is a validation of our on-going efforts to bring the latest technology and cutting-edge innovation into this sector, making advanced trading capabilities easily accessible to trading desks. We thank our customers and partners for their continuous support.”

About Quod Financial
Quod Financial is a multi-asset OMS/EMS trading technology provider focused on automation and innovation – specialising in software and services such as Algorithmic Trading, Smart Order Routing (SOR), and Internalisation of Liquidity. Quod leverages the use of its data-driven architecture to support the demands of e-trading markets by combining AI/ML-enabled decision-making tools and dynamic market access with a non-disruptive approach to deployment. For more information visit: www.quodfinancial.com


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