Full-Brokerage Retail
Trading System

For All Assets including Equities, ETFs, Warrants, Derivatives,
FX and Mutual Funds

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Your complete retail trading technology provider

Quod's modern, white-labelled retail solution enables your retail customers to trade; manage, and margin cash; monitor activity, positions, and data; as well as self-manage reporting, all across multiple devices.

Reail Trading Solution for all asset classes

All Asset class solutions for your retail or
semi-professional customers

Multi-lingual, Multi-Device modern interfaces easy to white label

Multi-lingual, Multi-Device modern interfaces easy to white label

Fully scalable deployment of Retail Trading Solution. Quod Financial

Fully scalable deployment from 100 to 100,000,000 users

Retail Trading Solution Quod Financial  Mobile and Tablet

Web and Mobile/Tablet app, configurable per user/group

24/7 operation with Order Queuing

Cash and Securities transfer in/out

Deposits and withdrawals from investment accounts

Display news feeds, market data, prices, technical charts, portfolios, P&Ls

Algos and Conditional Orders such as TP, OCO, OTO, OCOTO, etc.

Client reporting and analytics

Retail Risk Management: Buying Power, Selling Power, Margining

Banking system integration

Cross-currency trading

Full Brokerage

What are the Technological Capabilities of the retail solution

Technology only solution

 provided by a Pure Tech Vendor

Full multi-asset trading capabilities

with leading cross asset algo engine, broker connections, and margining capabilities

Scalable architecture

to 100,000,000+ users via Microservices delivery

Highly Customisable

HTML5 and IOS/Android Hybrid applications

Quod Financial Retail Trading System

Product in Action

Automated middle-office (Booking, Allocation)

Integrated directly into markets and market data providers

Leverage self-scaling technology combined with microservices and multi-cloud deployment

Cutting-edge Hybrid Mobile/Tablet app using Flutter (Google)

HTML5 interface based on Angular (Google) - providing an advanced and high performance interface

Validated banking process

Retail Trading Solution Quod Financial Desktop

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