Quod Financial wins Best Smart Order Routing (SOR) Tool


Image of Quod winning Best Smart Order Routing Tool at sell-Side Technology Award 2021

Quod Financial wins Sell-Side Technology Award 2021 for Best Smart Order Routing (SOR) Tool.

London, 12 April 2021 – Quod Financial’s Adaptive Smart Order Router was voted winner of the SOR category at Waters Technology Awards for the second time running in 2021. The award mirrors the recognition and continues support of Quod’s clients and highlights the strength and innovation of their SOR.

With Quod’s data-driven innovation and simple web-based configuration, advanced execution strategies are available to all desks without needing quant teams. Whether targeting non-transparent liquidity residing in algorithms or deploying advanced custom strategies to improve profitability, the result is a client’s ability to confidently make execution decisions as market conditions evolve during the trade life cycle.

Quod’s SOR offers more than 400+ configurable parameters, with machine learning (ML) capabilities providing automated feedback and real-time recommendations on system configurations to help clients achieve the best results in real-time.

Ali Pichvai, CEO at Quod Financial, commented:“In the past decade, the explosion of data has caused a generational shift in automation and AI/ML-driven computing. Quod’s close cooperation with clients has led to innovation and providing these technologies to the trading desk. This award is an industry recognition of our constant strive to deliver not only the best solutions for our client’s current needs but also position them for the future of data-driven ML-based trading.”

Medan Gabbay, Chief Revenue Officer at Quod Financial, commented:“We are truly honoured to again see our Smart Order Router selected by industry experts as their favourable SOR solution. As we have continued to invest in developing AI/ML and data automation, this industry recognition is certainly a welcome confirmation of our ongoing efforts to bring innovation to this sector. Going forward, we are committed to making advanced trading capabilities easily accessible to trading desks at low cost to maintain our clients’ edge in this increasingly competitive environment.”

About Quod Financial
Quod Financial is a multi-asset OMS/EMS trading technology provider focused on automation and innovation – specialising in software and services such as Algorithmic Trading, Smart Order Routing, and Internalisation of Liquidity. Quod leverages the use of its data-driven architecture to support the demands of e-trading markets by combining AI/ML-enabled decision-making tools and dynamic market access with a non-disruptive approach to deployment. For more information visit: www.quodfinancial.com


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