Quod is a powerful alternative to Bloomberg’s SSEOMS, Greyspark report says

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Greyspark report highlights Quod Financial as powerful alternative to ‘SSEOMS’

A comprehensive report done by the Capital Markets consultancy company, Greyspark Partners, has highlighted Quod Financial’s Data Driven OMS as a powerful alternative to SSEOMS, Fidessa, Itiviti and others.

“Quod is uniquely positioned to integrate with multiple external parties minimising client impact. As a Tier 1 Bank trading solution our technology originates with the principles of seamless and technology neutrality based on strong vendor partnerships” – Medan Gabbay, Chief Revenue Officer

Quod Technology

For over 10 years Quod Financial has delivered multi-asset trading solutions to the Sell-Side. The focus is on ‘Technology Neutrality’ where we can deliver core services of Data, Execution, Order Management and other Front / Middle office functions in a non-disruptive delivery making use of existing infrastructure and services.

Integrations with Bloomberg, Refinitiv, Itiviti, Fidessa, FIS and many more including EMS providers (Realtick, EMSX, REDI, etc), Post-trade networks, Back-office platforms, Middle-office vendors, Trade Reporting and Exchanges. No other OEMS provider has such a wide selection of 3rd party integrations ensuring minimal disruption and bringing enhancements and flexibility to the client workflow.

SSEOMS Replacement

This report reviews the OMS, EMS and O/EMS offerings of six cash equities trading technology vendor offerings competing for investment bank market share in 2019.

Quod are becoming the fastest growing OMS in Europe, take a look at our feature list to find out why – Download Quod’s OMS Feature List.

Quod’s OMS (and EMS) is designed for simplicity, performance and flexibility – all available at low cost with integrated data pricing utilising existing desktop data licenses. Here is a list of some of the advanced sellside features.

Advanced Sellside Features

Execution Offering

  • Trade Automation
  • Algorithmic Trading
  • Advanced Trading functions
  • Best Execution
  • Market Depth
  • RFQ / IOI’s
  • Easy integration
  • Risk
  • Positions
  • Price Checks
  • Commission Calculation
  • Creating a bespoke workspace
  • Creating shortcut keys
  • Execution Management (EMS)
  • Machine Learning Enhanced
  • Smart Order Routing
  • TCA – Benchmarks – Analytics
  • Connectivity & FIX
  • Pre-Trade Automation


  • Multi-Market Selection
  • All Global Market Coverage
  • Data agnostic
  • Global Order Book / Desks
  • New Features every 3 months
  • Multi-Asset Technology

Quod has become a powerful alternative technology when it comes to institutions looking to replace their Bloomberg SSEOMS’ product.

To understand why many institutions in the market are moving to Quod Financial, click on this link to view Greyspark Partners Buyer’s Guide: Sellside Cash Equities OEMS 2019. 

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch:   sales@www.quodfinancial.com   /  +44 207 997 7020

Download Quod’s White Paper on Understanding Machine Learning & The future of TCA by clicking on the image below.