Aspect Capital explains to the buyside their use of Quod Financial’s EMS

Dariush HessamiNews

In a recent Q&A published on the Buyside Trading Community website, Alex Clark, Senior Multi-Asset Execution Trader at Aspect Capital talks about the benefits of partnering with Quod Financial.

More specifically Aspect Capital leverage Quod Financial’s fully integrated, intelligent and highly configurable Execution Management System that allows rapid automation, whilst retaining the unique trading style of the client.

When answering the question: “Which areas of technology innovation do you foresee will make a significant change to buy-side trading in the next five years?” Alex states: “It is more and more common to see buy-side firms seeking to eliminate ‘keying risk’ when executing orders and this area will continue to grow quickly. We built our own internal Order Management System (OMS) and EMS a few years ago, but we have now partnered with Quod Financial who will be handling the EMS-side going forward. Maintaining your own EMS systems can be costly and can consume a lot of developers’ time, which could be spent on more important tasks like strategic projects benefitting the firm’s wider objectives.”

Quod Financial's open-data architectures enables its clients to get full visibility into microsecond market behaviours and drive automated decisions from these calculations. Quod strives to make use of every piece of data while presenting clear and actionable feedback to traders.

The interview also poses questions on recommendations for how TCA or visualisation technologies can be used to optimise execution. Alex says “We do our own internal TCA. Since partnering with Quod Financial, we have begun exploring data visualisation technologies further. One example is Elastic’s Kibana software. Kibana makes manipulating the data a lot easier than writing queries and can be done as soon as the order has been completed. We also use various internally developed algo playback GUIs which we can use post-trade.”

Quod Financial’s AEP TCA / Analytics manages the complexity of big data which is near or real-time for actionable decisions. The powerful dashboard is the best tool for monitoring your overall trading and understanding every single order execution.

Quod Financial is the fastest growing Multi-Asset Trading Platform in Europe. Having consistently prioritised pure performance, flexibility, impartiality and customisation for 14+ years. Quod has become an inevitable go-to technology when it comes to sophisticated Smart Order Routing and Algo capabilities, helping automate trading and optimise execution.

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