Quod Financial Releases New Major Version – Gives higher performance and new functionalities

Dariush HessamiNews

Quod Financial today announced that it has released a new version of its flagship Adaptive Execution Platform (AEP), which provides a new level of performance and additions to the product and SaaS offerings to the sell and buy-side community. The version will start to be installed in client sites as well as the Quod Financial SaaS data centres from March 2014.AEP 7 introduces a new set of technology innovations to utilise at its fullest the new multi-core processor architecture, with the usage of new IPC (Inter-Process Communication) mechanism and new optimised messaging for high throughput / low-deviation. This is specially designed for liquidity management, algorithmic trading and complex execution. The increased performance results in faster trading with lower cost of ownership and higher efficiencies to manage complex execution.

As part of this major revamp, Quod Financial announced that it has officially started to support Informatica Ultra Messaging for its entire AEP and applications line. Quod Financial has embedded Informatica Ultra Messaging in all its products ensuring that all our clients can benefit from the leading capital market middleware technology.

AEP and its applications (ASOR, Adaptive Algos, ACross and Adaptive Market Making) have new product additions, including:

  • A visualisation tool to show real-time execution performance with an intuitive dynamic charting to demonstrate each decision, market conditions and benchmarking of the executions. This can be used as a real-time decision tool as well as for Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA).
  • A pre-trade algorithmic analysis tool, which allows to review different algorithm scenarios and parameters. It provides a powerful analytical tool for managing market impact and seeking liquidity in multi-asset and multi-listed environment.
  • A new set of program trading tools to manage complex index, ETF or multi-asset trading.
  • A new multi-device HTML5 mobile & tablet front end designed for the retails and semi-professional traders.

In addition, the company added Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) native gateway to the list of supported markets.

Ali Pichvai, the co-founder and CEO of Quod Financial said, “With AEP 7, the team has pushed for performance and innovation in multi-asset adaptive trading. Our objective has been to bring under one roof distinct trading and execution functionalities, creating intelligence in seeking liquidity and finally creating new and intuitive ways to see trading decision making”.

“With Quod Financial adding Informatica Ultra Messaging to the list of electronic trading SaaS platforms, leveraging customers will now be able to achieve world leading low latency performance,” said Matt Meinel, vice president of strategy, Global Financial Services at Informatica.