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Case Study: Multi-asset Market Making for an international bank

Medan Gabbay

A multi-asset market-making solution The problem The client, an international bank with sizeable brokerage and market-making entities, wanted to revamp its market-making for derivatives & ETFs, with the following objectives: To build a new ETF market making platform. To build a new derivatives market making for both the options and equities. To consolidate 3 vendors to one. The solution The … Read More

Product Brochure: Price Engine Adaptive Market Making (MM)

Medan Gabbay

Market Making is under severe regulatory demands, and reduced market volatility makes automation essential for generating profits. A fail- proof system that is transparent and has stringent risk controls, is the crucial component for any modern Market Maker. Quod Financial MM combines FX Market- Making ETF & Cash liquidity providing Simple option Market-Making