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Quod Financial named Best Sell-Side Middle-Office Platform

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London, 21 April 2022 – We are proud to announce that Quod Financial has been selected as the Best Sell-Side Middle-Office Platform at the Sell-Side Technology Awards 2022 by Waters Technology.  The recognition of our multi-asset Middle Office, launched in 2020, represents the innovation of our trading technology and our continuous dedication to providing cost and time effective solutions for … Read More

Exploring the Challenges Facing the Sell-Side

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Image of the world showing how the next generation of trading tools for the sell-side is available globally

Quod’s Medan Gabbay and Ian Mawdsley of Refinitiv discuss and analyze the challenges facing the sell-side, including reducing costs, remote trading, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Whitepaper: 2nd Age of Smart Order Routing – April 2009

Medan Gabbay

Executive Summary This paper discusses the evolving challenge of liquidity fragmentation as a result of business, technology and regulatory pressures within capital markets. Fragmentation has accelerated in the past 24 months in both the US and European equities markets due to the implementation of RegNMS and MIFID. However, the rapid growth of liquidity has predominantly been due to the new … Read More

Whitepaper: Adaptive Execution Platform and Smart Order Routing Use Case – June 2008

Medan Gabbay

Introduction The electronic trading market has entered into a new evolutionary phase. This shift is expressed by the change in the nature of liquidity, namely decentralization for asset classes which were  typical y organized in a centralized model, whilst creation and consolidation of electronic venues for asset classes which were traditionally OTC and voice-based. This shift also reflects investor demand … Read More