Quod Financial and AQX Technologies (AQXT) partner for SaaS multi-asset Front to Back-Office

Dariush HessamiPress

London,  20 February 2020: AQXT a provider of trade management Middle-to-Back office technology; and Quod Financial, a multi-asset trading platform; today announced a partnership to provide a fully SaaS turn-key solution for the FX, Derivatives and Equity markets in Europe.

The E/OMS market offers little choice for participants who want to modernise their technology while unifying across different asset classes Front-to-Back. The current industry offerings are silo-based, developed to solve older problems and have high cost of ownership.  The partnership aims to bring a robust proven solution, but more importantly allow participants to benefit from new data-driven trading technology. It makes use of the rich data captured from the solution to create real-time analytics for traders to dynamically manage their execution and trading. This new architecture is the building block of Machine learning agents which will automate and improve all processes, from trading to settlement and commission management.

The objective is to be the agent of change, moving from the current paradigm based on rigid and slow to change to an innovative product allowing a fast move to the future of trading.

Medan Gabbay, Quod Financial Chief Revenue Officer  said “This partnership allows us to offer an all-in front to middle solution for firms looking to cut costs as well as improve their end-to-end trading”.

Hristo Dinchev, AQXT CEO said  “Each company is an expert in its field. Bringing that expertise into the partnership, together, we can offer a superior solution to our clients in terms of functionality coverage and level of automation compared to the general-purpose front-to-back offerings that are currently on the market.”

About AQXT

AQX Technologies is a trade management solutions provider, servicing broker-dealers, hedge funds, fund managers, proprietary and principal trading firms throughout Europe. We enable Brokers, Asset Managers and FinTech firms to focus on value-adding core activities by pushing for maximal post-trade process automation on a highly efficient and flexible trade management platform.

About Quod Financial

Quod Financial, a Trading Platform provider, specialises in multi-asset trading for FX, equities and derivatives. Our Adaptive Execution Platform (AEP) is the comprehensive tool to address the tectonic shift in the financial side industry. The suite of products and services automates core trading, provides insight into executions, and reuses data to create intelligence.