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Quod Financial will be talking in the following two panels at TradeTech FX 2016 in Sep 2016 in London

Dariush HessamiEvents

“Buy-side Platform perspective panel discussion” on Tuesday 13th Sep 2016 at 13:45. Discussing the key differences between the new initiatives and how they can help you overcome the liquidity drought. “Future focus: 2026 and beyond in Crystal ball session” on Thursday 15th Sep 2016 at 15:30. The session will be about FX markets in 2026 and what the future holds for all FX players in the next decade and beyond.

Whitepaper: Adaptive Event-Driven Trading in the Foriegn Exchange Markets

Medan Gabbay

Introduction The Foreign Exchange (FX) market has become a de facto investment asset class, with a high level of liquidity and rapidly increasing trading volumes. According to a research paper by Greenwich Associates, dated May 2008, total cross border FX trading was $99,000bn in 2007, from $71,000bn in 2006. This represents 36% growth, accelerated from a 20% rate between 2006 … Read More