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Big data challenges in financial services

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are transforming the e-trading landscape in capital markets. The availability, consistency, and consumption of high-quality data are the foundation of any AI/ML model. But what challenges do these big data themes bring to the industry?

DZ Bank AG selects Quod Financial’s Multi-Asset OMS / EMS to power their trading

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Quod Financial's Press Release about DZ Bank AG

DZ Bank decided to seek a technology provider who could offer a true Multi-Asset trading platform across Equities, Derivatives, Fixed Income and FX for the bank. The strategic goals of this project are to cover from in a comprehensive way Front-to-Middle office functions on a multi-asset basis, improving automation and intelligence across desks, and lowering costs through consolidation.

Quod Financial will be talking in the following two panels at TradeTech FX 2016 in Sep 2016 in London

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“Buy-side Platform perspective panel discussion” on Tuesday 13th Sep 2016 at 13:45. Discussing the key differences between the new initiatives and how they can help you overcome the liquidity drought. “Future focus: 2026 and beyond in Crystal ball session” on Thursday 15th Sep 2016 at 15:30. The session will be about FX markets in 2026 and what the future holds for all FX players in the next decade and beyond.

Whitepaper: Adaptive Event-Driven Trading in the Foreign Exchange Markets

Medan Gabbay

Introduction The Foreign Exchange (FX) market has become a de facto investment asset class, with a high level of liquidity and rapidly increasing trading volumes. According to a research paper by Greenwich Associates, dated May 2008, total cross border FX trading was $99,000bn in 2007, from $71,000bn in 2006. This represents 36% growth, accelerated from a 20% rate between 2006 … Read More