DZ Bank AG selects Quod Financial’s Multi-Asset OMS / EMS to power their trading

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Quod Financial's Press Release about DZ Bank AG

London, 21 April 2020: Quod Financial continues to impress Sell-Side institutions with its advanced and automated multi-asset solution, with the recent announcement of signing DZ Bank AG, the second largest private-sector financial services organisation in Germany, as their new client.

DZ Bank selected Quod’s Adaptive Execution Platform (AEP) to bring on a unique platform incorporating all major asset classes for order management, execution management, algorithmic trading, and market-making.

By integrating with Quod’s OMS / EMS technology, DZ Bank will expand its ability to comprehensively cover Front-To-Middle office functions on a multi-asset basis, thereby improving automation and intelligence across desks, and lowering costs through consolidation.

The decision came after DZ Bank sought a technology provider that can offer a true multi-asset trading platform across Equities, Derivatives, Fixed Income, and FX, that also complimented current early trading solutions around AI/ML that created a rapid evolution towards intelligent data-driven trading.

Daniel Zver, Group Head of Equity and Derivatives Institutional Trading at DZ Bank, said: “The final choice for Quod Financial’s AEP (Adaptive Execution Platform) was an easy one. After all the vendor presentations, it is clear that selecting Quod meant obtaining the most advanced, modern, intelligent, and automated multi-asset solution available for institutional and retail clients. This selection will enable DZ Bank to continue its successful growth in these business areas. We are impressed by Quod’s passion and clear focus on bringing artificial intelligence into the OMS / EMS world, as well as implementing steady improvements and innovative features to their multi-asset solution. This makes the Quod Financial AEP platform both future-proof and trend-setting in our industry.”

Medan Gabbay, Chief Revenue Officer at Quod Financial, said: “Quod Financial has invested heavily in expanding its multi-asset OMS / EMS solution to enable customers seeking a technological advantage to also save costs through vendor consolidation. Working so comprehensively with DZ Bank across Retail and Institutional desks for all asset classes highlights the level of technology integration and innovation that is required to service modern Sell-Side institutions.”

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About DZ Bank AG:

The DZ Bank group forms part of the German cooperative financial network, which comprises around 850 local cooperative banks and is one of Germany’s largest private-sector financial services organisations measured in terms of total assets. Within the cooperative financial network, DZ Bank AG functions as a central institution. Its task is to support the work of the local cooperative banks and to boost their competitiveness. It is also active as a corporate bank and is the holding company for the DZ Bank Group.

About Quod Financial:

Quod Financial, a Trading Platform provider, specialises in multi-asset trading for FX, Equities and Derivatives. Our Adaptive Execution Platform (AEP) is a comprehensive tool designed to address the tectonic shift in the Sell-Side industry. The suite of products and services automates core trading, provides insight into executions, and reuses data to create intelligence.

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