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Report: Automating the Trading Desk

Monika kucharska

The focus of this article is on ways machine learning can improve the trade lifecycle and aid the trader in their job role.

Machine Learning Equity Trading Clustering

Monika kucharska

Machine Learning Whitepaper

Find out more on our application of Machine Learning to Equity Trading and discover most optimal strategy for Clustering Equity instruments.

Cryptocurrency and Token Landscape

Monika kucharska

Find out what major coins and tokens have taken off since Bitcoin and their different functionalities. Learn more about the emerging ‘decentralised finance’.

Foreign Exchange Data-driven trading

Dariush Hessami

FX Data-driven Trading

The FX market has been shifting towards a fully electronic marketplace which is fast, efficient, and low cost. Discover what the latest trends in FX e-trading are.

Machine Learning & AI for Trading and Execution – July 2018

Medan Gabbay

 Version 1  778 View(s)  619 Download(s)  2.83 MB The Role of Machine Learning and AI in trading and execution. WHY AI AND WHY NOW? Interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is exploding and all businesses consider it a prime futurereshaping initiative. To understand AI we can first look at the context of Information Technology (IT) history and evolution: IT progress is … Read More

Evolution of Dark Pools

Medan Gabbay

 Version 1  313 View(s)  320 Download(s)  219 KB Dark Pool Routing Introduction It is fast becoming accepted wisdom that systemic change has occurred in the Capital Markets. We hear increasingly strident voices telling us that markets are too fragmented; best execution is elusive and investors are being disadvantaged. One of the results of this popular criticism is that regulators, who … Read More

Whitepaper: Trading and Smarter Latency

Medan Gabbay

 Version 1  170 View(s)  498 Download(s)  480 KB Introduction Trading systems are becoming increasingly fast, complex and interconnected. The US market crash of May 6th 2010, also known as the „Flash Crash‟, was swift, deep and propagated to all open markets and asset classes. Fortunately, both the Asian and European Markets were closed. However, market participants are not the only … Read More

Whitepaper: 2nd Age of Smart Order Routing – April 2009

Medan Gabbay

 Version 1  156 View(s)  705 Download(s)  2.03 MB Executive Summary This paper discusses the evolving challenge of liquidity fragmentation as a result of business, technology and regulatory pressures within capital markets. Fragmentation has accelerated in the past 24 months in both the US and European equities markets due to the implementation of RegNMS and MIFID. However, the rapid growth of … Read More

Whitepaper: Adaptive Execution Platform and Smart Order Routing Use Case – June 2008

Medan Gabbay

 Version 1  177 View(s)  499 Download(s)  1.82 MB Introduction The electronic trading market has entered into a new evolutionary phase. This shift is expressed by the change in the nature of liquidity, namely decentralization for asset classes which were  typical y organized in a centralized model, whilst creation and consolidation of electronic venues for asset classes which were traditionally OTC … Read More