Buy-Side Trading Solution

Quod Financial's Low and High Touch O/EMS solution brings a full suite of powerful tools to the fingertips of Buy-Side trading desks.

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Your complete Buy-Side O/EMS provider

A complete O/EMS trading solution, providing the backbone for your front-office and trading operations. The OMS combined with our Automated Trading suite allows for high-touch and low-touch trading with a high level of automation. Multi-Asset Innovation, including Equities, ETFs, Warrants, Derivatives, FX, and Mutual Funds.

Pre-Trade Compliance

Quod Financial's Buy Side O/EMS system offers a pre-trade compliance feature that enables investment managers to check their trades against a range of rules and restrictions, including best execution, allocation, and regulatory requirements. This feature helps ensure that investment decisions are made in compliance with internal and external guidelines, reducing the risk of costly errors and regulatory penalties.

Multi-asset O/EMS combines

     FX Cross Value Date and CCY Netting Capabilities

     Advanced SOR / Algo configuration for own + broker Algos

     Fully configurable Client Pricing Algorithms

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Integration with
and Exchanges

Quod O/EMS provides comprehensive integration and connectivity to any venue with our native API / protocol exchanges.

Independent software vendor (ISV) connectors, market data feed handlers, and connectors to upstream and downstream systems.

Workflow Automation

Our OMS solution allows traders to increase accuracy and efficiency in handling large numbers of orders. With automated workflows, you can ensure compliance with the wide range of regulatory requirements in the Buy-Side industry. Managing client order flow with AI/ML-driven tools enables the automation of repetitive tasks, allowing traders to focus on higher value-added activities. By reducing the need for manual intervention, the Buy-Side can improve its operational efficiency, leading to overall cost savings.

Buy Side OMS EMS Solution Quod Financial. O/EMS Trading Desktop

Real-Time Market Data

Our real-time intelligence empowers traders to optimize every facet of their trading activities and operations. We provide traders with a versatile multi-asset solution that enables consolidation and cost reduction. By offering a comprehensive suite of tools and analytics, we empower traders to make informed decisions and stay ahead in rapidly changing markets.


Our system offers a fully customizable interface with per-user setup and/or centralized layouts.


Capabilities also include best execution reporting, including performance metrics, risk management, and compliance reporting.


Our unique architecture allows the system to be integrated with data and trading solutions and be easily scaled up or down based on your changing needs.


Our O/EMS has robust security features to ensure that the system and the data are secure, including encryption, two-factor authentication, and audit trials. 

Quod Financial TCA Post-Trade Analytics

Post-Trade Analytics

Execution intelligence is key to differentiating effectively. With our extended ability to combine all three technologies (EMS, TCA, and AI/ML), we add significant value through our innovative approach of utilizing machine learning agents to make real-time recommendations on EMS configurations based on the TCA output of the trader.

The real innovation and achievement come when Quod leverages machine learning techniques to advise and automatically determine a strategy based on a trader’s objectives.

Buy-Side Solution Driven by Innovation

Quod offers a new automated workflow for Buy-Side managers and traders. Our main objective is to expand your trading through a diverse range of easily customizable pricing strategies and tools that deliver enhanced control.

Our advanced workflow for netting places a significant focus on FX cross symbol and cross settlement compression, enabling us to optimize the value of your client flow and extract maximum profit and loss (PnL) from it.

We offer best-in-class execution capabilities, specifically designed to locate liquidity in a highly fragmented market by implementing sophisticated execution strategies.

Pricing Engine

To establish real time fully automated pricing rules for client instructions.

Position and Risk

Position and risk associated with all clients across multiple dimensions.

Net and Hedge

Net and hedge risk using automation and a wide range of tools.
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