Introducing Transaction Cost Analysis Automation (TCAA)

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TCA automation

24 FEB 2022  |  Quod insights

Introducing Transaction Cost Analysis Automation (TCAA)

How Machine Learning is revolutionising Transaction Cost Analysis?

Analytics is not just about showing the performance of a trade. It is also about providing traders with tools to improve a future trade, based on the TCA outcome.

The failing of modern TCA systems is not that the analytics themselves are lacking. Industry standard TCA provides a range of critical information and feedback to traders for analysing liquidity, brokers, executions, algos and every aspect of their workflows.

The Challenge:

The issue is, that the Sell-Side EMS / OMS solutions are so complex and market conditions so variable, that the translation of a TCA report into a meaningful action is often not much more than an educated guess by a trader, already under pressure from a variety of different forces.

What the analytics are lacking, is real-time access to transparent insights on the impact of market conditions and trading behaviour.

Automated Solution:

Quod Financial TCA / Analytics product not only offers the common benchmark and analysis capabilities, along with customisable dashboards and reports, but critically, it creates a real-time loop between the TCA outcomes and the pre-trade automation available within the platform.

As trade performance is measured, the information is fed into AI/ML pre-trade strategy selection and parameter configuration. This allows recommendations to be provided to traders in real-time, to suggest possible settings and outcomes for future trades. It is the evolution of:

Transaction Cost Analysis → to → Transaction Cost Automation

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