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Whitepaper: Smart Order Routing and Automation – A new wave of innovation

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Liquidity fragmentation, the phenomenon of multi-listing of an instrument on different venues, creates deeper and broader markets and lowers transaction costs. Despite the benefits, it has become a major challenge to market participants from buy-side to sell- side institutions, as it has led to a more complex trading landscape. Some of the tools used to address this problem have been in place for a long period, while others are new to the market.

TradeTech Europe 2019 – Quod’s Debrief

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TradeTech Europe 2019 was a huge success for the Quod team. Quod cemented their position in the market as the #1 Smart Order Routing¬† & sellside technology provider, and also opened new doors as they continue to expand their footprint as a buyside technology provider / OMS & EMS. Q: What are the 4 key attributes of a SOR Q: … Read More

AI/ML Whitepaper – Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Trading and Execution

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Quod Financial has released a new white-paper on Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in Trading and Execution. Machine Learning & AI for Trading and Execution: Interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is exploding and all businesses consider it to be a future-reshaping initiative. In this white-paper we explore: Origin of modern AI/ML What is Machine Learning A path to building Machine … Read More