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Quod Financial Announces a Case Study using Informatica for Highly Scalable, Ultra-Low Latency Trading Platform to Revolutionize Financial Trading

London, 03 August 2023 – Today Quod Financial announced the publication of a case study to review how to build a highly scalable, ultra-low latency financial trading platform using the Informatica Ultra Messaging (UM) product to move high-performance real-time data between distributed applications on-premises and in the cloud.

With the dramatic increase in data distribution and the requirement to trade in all market conditions, trading technologies are demanding highly scalable low-latency software. Trading systems are grounded in their ability to manage these challenges and this case study explores the role of middleware in facilitating this.

As trading desks continue to automate with new innovations in the fields of Data Science and Machine Learning, the movement and processing of this data becomes the primary purpose of every system. The role of middleware and its ability to facilitate rapid scaling and distribution of complex systems which is the solution to the most challenging problems faced by legacy technology.

Quod utilizes Informatica UM, an ultra-low latency middleware, to construct a microservice-driven architecture, facilitating advanced trading features such as; load balancing, rapid scalable multi-region deployments, zero RPO / RTO fault tolerance and a single system for all asset classes. At Quod, our OEMS is built on the bleeding edge of modern system design.

Medan Gabbay, the Chief Revenue Officer said “Our collaboration with Informatica on this case study has positioned us at the forefront of highly scalable, high-performance trading platforms. We strongly believe that our extensive R&D sets us apart from our competitors in the market at such a fundamental level that it is impossible for them to catch up. While our competitors are attempting to build an ultrahigh-speed train network on tracks built in the 1830s, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and stay ahead in the industry”.

Download the case study to find out more.


Learn more about the Informatica Ultra Messaging Product.


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