Quod as a Service for multi-asset front-to-back trading in Hong Kong

Dariush HessamiNews

Quod Financial, a leading provider of adaptive trading technology, announced today that it has launched Quod as a Service (QaaS), Quod Financial SaaS solution for equities and derivatives trading in Hong Kong.

QaaS front-office trading leverages Quod Financial AEP, the equities and derivatives execution platform for low and high-touch trading. It incorporates multi-asset risk management, cross-asset margining, order management and connectivity to Hong Kong exchanges. In addition, it will provide a comprehensive suite of execution algorithms enabling brokers to take control of the trading and execution, or provide these algorithms to their clients.

QaaS back-office provides a complete suite of brokerage multi-asset back office for client management, trading (commission, margin and collateral management), accounting and different types of reporting (exchange, compliance, and internal). As a modular solution, it can be used in separate modules which are fully integrated with commonly used industry solutions; or used as a full-fledged solution.

Sam Lee, the Director of business development and sales in Asia said: “We are happy to provide a front-to-back multi-asset SaaS solution in Hong Kong. QaaS provides multi-asset trading in Hong Kong, and Shanghai-HK Stock Connect, but also can be used as a regional trading facility/platform to all Asian markets. One advantage of our solution is that it efficiently provides for both equities and derivatives via one unique service to risk manage, trade and execute across different market”.

Ali Pichvai, the CEO of Quod Financial added: “Asia or more particularly China is the new frontier of capital markets. As China invests in bringing a world class trading infrastructure to all assets classes and opens up to investors in general, we see the same need for technology. A technology set which is easy to use, integrates with market participants and places our clients at the forefront of the industry. We will work with client to continue our innovation”.