QFX Award Winning FX Trading Platform

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Quod Financial Launches QFX

The state-of-the-art award winning QFX product makes use of 14 years of cutting edge execution technology. Built in partnership with leading Buy and Sell-side clients this advanced FX Trading system brings together Smart Order Routing, best execution, direct market access and Machine Learning into a highly configurable Award Wining trading platform.

Winner of Best Trading and Execution Technology 2018

Trade your FX using Smart Order Routing, Direct Market Access, Algos and Machine Learning

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  • No Broker Fees – So better pricing for you! Fixed cost solution and everyone is happy!
  • Price Improvement – Microsecond executions and Smart Order Routing always finding the best price.
  • Price Protection – Even in a volatile market, adaptive and real-time intelligence protects you.
  • Algos & Chaining – Broker Algos, Our Algos, Your Algos… any Algos!
  • Reinforcement Learning – No one likes making mistakes, our AI/ML learns from them!
  • Best Execution – True TCA and Best Execution to prove our value and yours.

Understand how the QFX trading platform saves our existing clients $11 per million on average and find about our feature rich, easy to implement FX trading solution.

Advanced TCA and Best Execution reporting