Best FX Trading Technology 2023

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Best trading technology for FX

Quod Financial wins eFX Awards 2023 for Best FX Trading Technology.

London, 07 June 2023 – Quod Financial, a leading provider of multi-asset trading solutions, has been honoured with the prestigious Best FX Trading Technology award for 2023. This recognition reaffirms Quod Financial’s commitment to innovation, highlighting its best-in-class FX technology and the strength of its product offering.

The award was presented by FX Markets, a prominent institution for FX news and market insights, which has recognized Quod Financial’s dedication, skill, and creativity in bringing an innovative solution to the trading desk. Quod Financial’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology has positioned it as a leader in the industry.

“We are thrilled to receive the Best FX Trading Technology award for 2023,” said Medan Gabbay, Chief Revenue Officer at Quod Financial. “Modernising the FX stack is essential in a highly competitive market, and our technology is designed to meet the challenges of the modern FX marketplace while empowering traders with direct access to AI/ML capabilities.”

The Quod Trading Platform offers a comprehensive FX Trading Technology solution that is seamlessly integrated into its multi-asset product suite. Quod’s FX solution caters to both Takers and Makers, providing a low-latency, data-driven, and advanced trading system for buy-side and sell-side participants. By addressing the emerging needs of automation and Machine Learning, Quod Financial is at the forefront of technological advancements in the FX trading space.

For Takers, Quod FX offers a connectivity and trading solution that includes a best-in-class Smart Order Router (SOR), enabling real-time decision-making based on up-to-the-minute data. The advanced algorithm suite leverages AI/ML capabilities both in real-time and for pre-trade parameter selection. With a fixed cost structure and no sell-side charging, this solution delivers an immediate return on investment, estimated at up to $20pm in price improvement.

Quod FX for Makers leverages low-latency hardware acceleration to provide low triple-digit FX market making capabilities. By utilising real-time signals from the market, Quod FX for Makers constructs prices and skews, supporting all instrument FX Market Making, internalisation, price construction, e-distribution, and advanced algorithmic hedging capabilities. This state-of-the-art technology solution positions Quod Financial as a leader in the market-making space.


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Quod Financial is a multi-asset OMS/EMS trading technology provider focused on automation and innovation – specialising in software and services such as Algorithmic Trading, Smart Order Routing (SOR), and Internalisation of Liquidity. Quod leverages the use of its data-driven architecture to support the demands of e-trading markets by combining AI/ML-enabled decision-making tools and dynamic market access with a non-disruptive approach to deployment. For more information visit:

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