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Quod Financial utilising Machine Learning & AI in Trading

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Chief Revenue Officer, Medan Gabbay, discussing how trading is changing through Machine Learning. “Machine Learning is equivalent in significance to the original electrification of trading, those people who aren’t taking advantage of it are going to get left behind really very quickly” Questions asked: 1.) How is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning going to change what traders do? 2.) What … Read More

Quod Financial – The Predictive Peg

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Quod’s NEW Predictive Peg Algorithm delivers Price Improvement over static Peg on 99.213% of Trades The Predictive Peg algo is Quod’s latest development in their goal to deliver state-of-the-art trading capabilities to top tier institutions. It is yet another example of Quod’s commitment to innovation and further improving their data-driven approach to execution. There is heavy investment in Machine Learning … Read More

Case Study: The first equities and derivatives smart order routing

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About Quod Financial Quod Financial delivers adaptive trading technologies into the financial community. Its multi-asset adaptive technologies enable financial institutions to dynamically seek liquidity across transparent and non-transparent venues, reduce market impact and build complex execution and trading strategies. Quod Financial services all segments of capital markets with distinct solutions for liquidity venues, exchanges, retail brokers, buy- and sell-side institutions. … Read More

Case Study: Adaptive Execution Platform Smart Order Routing Use Case

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Adaptive Execution Platform All you need to Trade AEP is a flexible, modular-based and integrated platform designed for the next generation of multi-asset trading and execution. AEP is the foundation of all our solutions and proucts, offering everything you need in one place. It also creates intelligence to your trading by giving you the capability to seek out new sources … Read More

Product Brochure: Execution Management Systems (EMS)

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An effective EMS platform requires a fully integrated, intelligent and highly configurable system that allows rapid automation, whilst retaining the unique trading style of the client. Quod Financial Multi-asset EMS combines Automated Trading Adaptive Algo Engine Smart Order Routing Internalisation Equities, FX, Derivatives and OMS integration Connectivity to 80+ venues (banks, ECNs, brokers etc

Product Brochure: Smart Order Routing (SOR)

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In the modern market, executions require an Adaptive Smart Order Router. The role of the SOR is to successfully execute a chosen strategy, achieving more than just best price. In a highly fragmented and fast/dynamic marketplace, the Adaptive Smart Order Router is a crucial component of each execution. Its role is to successfully execute a chosen strategy, achieving more than … Read More