Quod key sponsor at TradeTech FX 2019

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Quod will be sponsoring TradeTech FX 2019 in Barcelona this year to share their NEW improved Market Making technology and award-winning Execution Management System (EMS).

We have consistently prioritised pure performance, flexibility, impartiality to become the go-to technology for Buy & Sell-sides looking to automate best execution, cross-asset.  Quod provides:

Market Making Technology:

Quod provide low latency, data driven MM technology, with unlimited client tiers and advanced price making capabilities. Above all, the platform was built with high performance price construction at its core. In addition, it’s powerful visualisation and trading suite is available to quickly manage price streams, reports, and configure auto-hedging.

Execution Management System (EMS)

Similarly, Quod’s multi-dealer platform consolidates over 50 bank, ECN and non-bank pricing streams. Therefore, configure your trading objectives and execute using Quod’s award-winning Smart Order Router & algos, and/or utilise Quod’s arsenal of broker algos. Furthermore, Quod’s low-latency, data-driven approach secures clients best execution every time they trade. Delivering pinpoint pre-trade projections, in-trade monitoring and post-trade synopsis, all of which is enriched with real-time analytics and reporting. Lastly, recently partnering with large buysides has given a technologically stagnant buyside market a breath of fresh air.

Join Quod Financial at Stand #14 for:

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  • One of the below friendly Quod faces!

Quod Team attending:

Medan Gabbay

Matt Siredzuk

Catherine Bran

Giulia Campanella

Chief Revenue Officer
Sales Director
Business Development

Finally, if you’d like to hear more in advance, please get in touch:   sales@www.quodfinancial.com  /  +44 207 997 7025

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