TradeTech Europe 2019 – Quod’s Debrief

Medan GabbayNews

TradeTech Europe 2019 was a huge success for the Quod team.

Quod cemented their position in the market as the #1 Smart Order Routing  & sellside technology provider, and also opened new doors as they continue to expand their footprint as a buyside technology provider / OMS & EMS.

Q: What are the 4 key attributes of a SOR
Q: How does Quod as a Multi-Asset O/EMS service this market

Some of the hot topics covered were:

Dynamic Crossing

As the proposition to become a Systematic Internaliser (SI) grows, so does the need for the technology to intelligently cross / match orders. It is important that internalising systems are able to not only match but also dynamically cross using a combination of internalisation and SOR across lit and dark pools for opportunistic internalisation, while recalling unmatched flow to match with new inbound orders.

Advanced SOR

Proven to have the #1 SOR the market, there was even more interest in how to take advantage of our ability to make real-time changes to the SOR prioritisation and configuration, in real-time.

Bloomberg decommissioning SSEOMS

With the announcement of SSEOMS End of Life, Quod OMS is positioned as being a complete alternative. Delivering global, multi-asset solutions for front-end inventory, trading with unique tools and unrivalled standards of execution, delivering value to both the buy side and sell side.


Our Sell-Side Broker clients have started referring  their own clients to our new real-time TCA screens. Quod is able to offer end-client real-time visualisations that help our Brokers highlight how they are delivering value to their customers.

Trade Automation

Capital Markets is perpetually becoming more automated, Quod’s Trade Automation Rules / Algo Wheel is an exceptional tool to help automate trading workflows to allow traders to spend more time on trading strategy.

Machine Learning / AI

Quod has invested heavily into Machine Learning and AI in recent years and were showcasing a our new White Paper on how understand ML / AI in Pre-trade TCA. You can download here!

If you’d like to hear more then please get in touch:  /  +44 207 997 7020

We look forward to seeing you there next year! Happy trading!