Quod Passive Hedging Solution

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London, July 2022 – Quod Financial is now offering a Powerful Hedging Solution, as the latest addition to its existing automated trading technology suite.

What if 70% of Aggressive Hedging Became Passive?

Key Benefits of the Hedging Solution

• Integrate a Powerful Hedging Solution with your existing trading system
• Move from aggressive to passive hedging, never crossing the spread
• Get the benefits of advanced netting and liquidity pools
• Integrate through a single drop-copy or FIX connection
• Apply advanced Algos and Ai/ML Peg trading
• Ghosted orders and Internal Matching


Quod’s Automation


With Quod Financial’s New Hedging Solution, you can achieve +70% Passive Hedging. You can now generate real-time signals for Market Making, as well as intelligently segregate risk and pools of liquidity.

Find out more from the Hedging Solution Brochure 



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Quod Financial is a multi-asset OMS/EMS trading technology provider focused on automation and innovation – specialising in software and services such as Algorithmic Trading, Smart Order Routing (SOR), and Internalisation of Liquidity. Quod leverages the use of its data-driven architecture to support the demands of e-trading markets by combining AI/ML-enabled decision-making tools and dynamic market access with a non-disruptive approach to deployment. For more information visit: www.quodfinancial.com

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