Quod Multi-Asset Market Simulator

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London, January 2023 – Quod Financial is now offering a modern Multi-Asset Market Simulator.

Quod Financial’s Market Simulator is an innovative tool designed for testing your trading activities. Test against authentic market data and evolve your trading tools and strategies.

  • Run an auction process and test your orders across multiple asset-classes: Equities, FX, Futures or Digital Assets.
  • Configure separate concurrent markets and traded listings, using any symbology, and custom trading restrictions to emulate distinct markets.
  • Gain access to unlimited trading on random or historical recorded data.
  • Configure and control Open, Close and Halted, Auction and Trade At Last market phases.

With Quod Financial’s Market Simulator, you can test advanced strategies and understand your algorithms’ potential.

Get the Market Simulator Brochure to find out more.



About Quod Financial
Quod Financial is a multi-asset OMS/EMS trading technology provider focused on automation and innovation – specialising in software and services such as Algorithmic Trading, Smart Order Routing (SOR), and Internalisation of Liquidity. Quod leverages the use of its data-driven architecture to support the demands of e-trading markets by combining AI/ML-enabled decision-making tools and dynamic market access with a non-disruptive approach to deployment. For more information visit: www.quodfinancial.com

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