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London, August 09, 2023 – Quod Financial, a global provider of multi-asset trading technology and infrastructure solutions, continues to fortify its position in the US market by unveiling a suite of innovative features tailored specifically for the US sell-sides. Building upon its existing presence, Quod Financial is committed to delivering cutting-edge trading solutions to meet the unique needs and demands of the US market.

  • Full Sell-side O/EMS
  • Equities, Derivatives, ADRs, CBs, FX and more in one single system
  • Algos, Automation and Market-Making
  • Full US regulatory compliance including TRF, ORF, TRACE, CAT


Imagine all your vendors were replaced with a single multi-asset, multi-desk solution on the cutting edge of technology. A system as mature as your current platform with none of the technology limitations. Improved workflows and best in class technology and immediate cost saving” – Medan Gabbay, Chief Revenue Officer


New Functionality
The latest release from Quod Financial introduces a range of US-specific features, including the addition of Convertible Bonds, ADRs and a full Regulatory reporting suite including TRF, ORF, TRACE, CATs as well as new US Market-Making capabilities. These additions to the already well established O/EMS, enables a full replacement of multiple vendors for a single, truly cross-desk solution and significant cost saving.

Quod Financial OMS

New Convertible Bonds: With dual-leg CB/Equity order support and a comprehensive data model, traders can now seamlessly execute on and off the market. The platform’s user-friendly, advanced interface offers UI features such as; an Excel-style watchlist for custom pricing models,multiple multi-leg orders, TRACE reporting, CB give-up workflow, incoming FIX orders, and PnL calculations for both CBs and Prefs. 


New ADRs: ADRs are a crucial component of Quod Financial’s offering, providing clients the ability to trade US-listed securities representing non-US companies. Quod offers fully automated FX Hedging, ensuring seamless currency risk management for clients engaging in ADR trading. 


New US Compliance: Full reporting suite for automating and managing TRF, ORF, TRACE, CAT, 15c3-5, locate workflow, ISO sweep, 605/606 as well as other global regulatory frameworks


Market Connectivity: Direct market certification for member trading on Equities and Futures markets. All major US brokers for non-member trading.


For more information about Quod Financial’s US-specific features and its comprehensive suite of trading technology solutions, please visit https://www.quodfinancial.com/us-trading-solution/.


About Quod Financial

Quod Financial is a globally recognized provider of trading technology, offering a wide range of software and services, including O/EMS, Algorithmic Trading, Smart Order Routing, and Internalization of Liquidity. The company’s data-driven architecture leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance trading automation for liquidity venues, exchanges, retail brokers, Buy-Side and Sell-Side institutions.

For more information visit: www.quodfinancial.com

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