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- Q1, 2023

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New Product Features in 2022


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New HUB with expanded videos

With 14 years of features and IP, it is critical to embed documentation and help into the product. The Quod Documentation team has been focused on adding help links inline to most parts of the product to provide information, descriptions, and definitions for the many options.

Furthermore, our HOW-TO section on hub.quodfinancial.com has undergone significant expansion, now encompassing an impressive compilation of over 200 meticulously crafted articles and videos, addressing a wide range of platform functionalities and applications.

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Automated Rules

Modern systems rely heavily on data, and when the data is flawed, it leads to poor outcomes. Whether it's manual traders or automated processes, being able to differentiate between an exceptional price and the true price can significantly impact profit and loss for an entire month. To address this, Quod has implemented additional automated rules to eliminate market noise. These rules encompass Spread Deviation Price Cleansing, which involves defining and identifying deviations in the spread. We also monitor Latency Health Metrics to track the deviation of market data latency from a statistical norm. Additionally, we have automated the cleaning of crossed rates derived from an aggregated book, ensuring accurate and reliable data.


FX MM Client Tiers

The FX MM Client Tiers can serve as the fundamental pricing source for other Client Tiers. FX Pricing is characterized by its high complexity and customization. With the introduction of Quod, price tiers can now be utilized as a pricing reference for other tiers. This enables market makers to organize their pricing in a cascading manner, where Gold skews and prices exert a weighted influence on Silver and Bronze tiers, exemplifying this concept. Such a structure closely resembles the risk and margin framework employed by modern sell-side institutions, ultimately simplifying the overall pricing landscape for clients and reducing the time and effort required to maintain the pricing structure in line with current market conditions.

Auto-create Bags of Common Orders in Baskets

Automatically creating bags of common orders in baskets can greatly simplify the management of large volumes of orders. In addition to various recent features that enable grouping and waving of unlimited bundles of orders, we have now introduced the capability to merge and net orders. This feature enables the automatic merging of orders with the same instrument and same side within a basket, making the trading of these orders much more manageable.


Setting Default Limit Prices in Execution Strategies and Quick Buttons

To enhance the efficiency of individual traders in handling a higher volume of orders with ease, we have introduced the capability to set "relative price" properties in both Execution Strategy policies and Quick Buttons within order blotters. This enhancement allows for the automatic configuration of a default Limit Price in FE order tickets. As an example, traders can now select and adjust 1000 orders to be -1 basis point from the last traded price with just a single click, thanks to the expanded functionality of the 'Quick Buttons'.

New Automated Rule Outcomes

Client Trade Routing (CTR)

We are thrilled to announce the rapid expansion of our pre-trade automation capabilities. In this latest release, we have incorporated a powerful feature that allows the routing of client orders to specific users, desks, or outcomes based on any given dimension. With this enhancement, you now have the flexibility to assign particular traders to handle specific clients, instruments, or order sizes based on different market conditions. The allocation of orders to a desk or user can be dynamically determined by real-time properties of the order or market, providing a highly adaptable and efficient trading experience.


Expanded Web / Mobile Trading including:

We have expanded our Web/Mobile Trading capabilities to cater to the growing demands of various clients and user types seeking lightweight trading solutions. Our latest enhancements include the following features:

  • Column Grouping
  • New Light/Dark Themes
  • New shared layouts
  • Additional Language support
  • Trigger order management
    ...and more.

These additions enhance the overall user experience of our interface, specifically designed for seamless internal or end-client usage. Reach out to us for further information on how this solution can assist you.

Create Multi-leg Orders from Existing Single Orders

We have further enhanced our derivatives and futures automation capabilities by introducing the option to create multi-leg orders from existing single orders. This expansion now allows us to generate strategies composed of multiple legs provided by clients. In the near future, we will also offer strategy recommendations for entire groupings of underlying legs.


New Product Features

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Get a glimpse on how we are innovating in our product development

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