Quod Financial named Most Innovative AI in Trading Initiative at the 2024 A-Team Innovation Awards

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Most Innovative AI in Trading Initiative

Most Innovative AI in Trading Initiative

Quod Financial named Most Innovative AI in Trading Initiative at the 2024 A-Team Innovation Awards

London, 03 May 2024 – Quod Financial, a leading provider of multi-asset trading technology, is proud to announce that it has been recognized with an esteemed Innovation Award at the A-Team Innovation Awards 2024.

At Quod Financial, our commitment to innovation is not just a promise, but a practice. For years, our platform has leveraged machine learning, to pioneer in trading initiatives like pegging. However, the cornerstone of our recent accolade from the A-Team Innovation Awards 2024 lies in our transformative use of generative AI.

This leap in technology is not confined merely to execution; it has revolutionized the very engineering of our business. We have integrated generative AI into our development processes, enhancing our ability to deliver cutting-edge innovations to our clients.

“Our use of generative AI has revolutionized how we develop, test, and deploy the features our clients rely on,” said Medan Gabbay, Chief Revenue Officer at Quod Financial. “This technology has allowed us to simulate market conditions, automate code modifications, and perform rigorous automated testing, significantly speeding up our development cycle and reducing the time to deliver safe, production-ready changes.”

The integration of generative AI has enabled Quod Financial to enhance its operational efficiency, allowing the firm to deliver more features at a faster pace. This is particularly crucial in an industry where the speed and safety of production changes are paramount.

“As we receive this prestigious award, our focus remains on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with AI in trading,” added Medan Gabbay. “We are excited about the future and committed to continuously providing exceptional value and innovation to our clients.”

The A-Team Innovation Awards celebrate technological excellence and innovation in financial operations, recognizing firms that lead the way in developing new and efficient solutions. For more information about the A-Team Innovation Awards and to learn more about how Quod Financial’s award-winning innovations are shaping the future of trading, visit the A-Team Group’s official website.


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