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Quod Digital Asset O/EMS provides an institutional grade, proven, multi-asset trading solution. Leveraging cutting-edge TRADFI technology, including OMS, EMS, Market Making, Algorithmic Trading, Smart Order Routing (SOR), TCA, it addresses the challenges of a new asset class. The platform manages the complexity of crypto markets, which involve global liquidity scattered across different time zones and multiple exchanges with complex rules-set and technologies. This is achieved, in part, through our data-driven, intelligent SOR and Algorithmic Trading, which deliver a tailored approach to digital asset liquidity and execution management.

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"The trading technology market has seen consolidation and turmoil in the past 24 months. Sell-side firms are starved for the viable solution to address their current needs as well as position them for the future."
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Medan Gabbay

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Care order management and high touch workflows

The high-touch care management module supports full client life cycle and execution capabilities for the sell- side, including:

  • Orders inbox/transfer/desks
  • DMA/splitting/algos (internal/external)
  • Alerting, care orders, import, allocations
  • Books, account groups, delegation
  • Baskets, bagging, pair trading, IOI, adverts (Take out)
Features and Benefits

What you get with Digital Assets O/EMS

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Quod’s automation helps automate order processing cycle, reduce errors and improve speed of fulfillment

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Quod’s O/EMS trading suite can be
seamlessly integrated with other systems
and application

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Analytics and Reporting

Quod offers real-time, detailed analytics and reporting capabilities

Order routing (SOR) and management

Powerful automation, SOR, algo suite with over 450+
configurable parameters:

  • Rules-based validation of orders
  • Preset rules or dynamic rules which use real-time data
  • Crypto credit-based SOR
  • Low touch order management and automation
  • Defining the best execution policies/strategies
  • Full broker algo support
  • Trade reporting and market order tracking

Credit prefunding

SOR intelligence can be used to balance credit or prefund executions through volume predictions.
This reduced execution risk enables better access to markets. Execution algos (e.g. TWAP) are only recently becoming a new tool considered in Crypto.

Stay ahead of the markets with advanced analytics and Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA)

Monitor your execution performance with TCA and
benchmarking tools:

  • MiFID II compliant execution and reporting
  • Execution performance and behavior
  • Post-trade and instantly exploitable pre-trade analysis
  • Powerful visualization of the executions and context
  • Benchmarking capabilities on all flow

Algorithmic Trading

Our goal is to grow your trading through a wide range of easily customisable strategies and tools in order to provide control. Quod Algos take data-driven decisions in real-time to reposition orders, in order to achieve the best outcomes. Example algos:

  • VWAP
  • TWAP 
  • Implementation shortfall
  • Participation (PoV)
  • Auction Volume Percentage for Futures/Perps
  • Triggering and more

Risk management (extensive price checks and position keeping)

Leverage a front office pre-trade position keeping engine:

  • Fat finger checks
  • Volume checks
  • Trading limits
  • Cumulative/position limits
  • Margin management
  • Kill switch
  • Net Open Position (NOP)
  • Credit availability pre-trade checks
  • Pending orders, order size and order rate by instrument

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