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Multi-Asset O/EMS Innovation

Revolutionize your Trading with Our O/EMS Platform: for Equities, Futures, Convertible bonds, Options, Portfolio Trading (PT), ADRs and ETFs

Front → Middle Trading Solution

Quod Financial offers a complete Front-to-Middle Office Trading platform, providing the backbone for your trading desk operations and client order flow. Our OMS, combined with the powerful Automated Trading suite, allows for high-touch and low-touch trading using cutting edge technology. Traders can take advantage of the latest AI/ML technologies to improve executions and reduce costs by converting real-time market information and signals into automated trading decisions.


Scalable & Flexible

Quick and efficient access to multiple liquidity pools, with low latency and automation opportunities.

Customisable & Stable

Fully configurable to meet the unique needs of different traders or trading strategies.


Our 24/7 3rd line technical support via phone and chat are immediately available for your trading desks.

Our Technology

Quod Financial uses a microservices-style architecture to offer the most flexible solution in Financial Services. No more headaches around scaling or multi-location implementation. Easily access data in real-time via API or File, and integrate with any 3rd-party system.
  • FIX | C++ | JAVA | .NET | REST

Regulatory requirements - TRF, ORF, TRACE, CAT

As a trading technology vendor, Quod Financial is committed to ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations that apply to its products and services in the US market. This includes compliance with key regulations such as Trade Reporting Facility (TRF), Over-the-Counter Reporting Facility (ORF), Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE) and the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT).

Quod Financial's technology is designed to help clients meet their regulatory obligations and provide transparency and accountability in their trading activities. Our trading platform supports the Short Sell/Locate Workflow in compliance with regulatory requirements. The company's commitment to compliance and its track record of successfully navigating complex regulatory environments make it a trusted partner for financial firms seeking reliable and compliant trading technology solutions.

Ultimate Multi-Asset Trading Solution

A complete Front-to-Middle-Office trading platform, providing the backbone for your trading desk operations and client order flow. Our highly customizable O/EMS solution is combined with a powerful Automated Trading suite that allows for high-touch and low-touch trading using the cutting-edge technology, that is both familiar and innovative.







Features and Benefits

The Quod Adaptive SOR

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Easy Configurations

Our implementation of machine learning (ML) introduces real-time recommendations to our clients. With over 400+ configurable parameters in our SOR, our automated feedback helps clients know how to achieve the best results in real-time.

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Unrivaled Order Management Rules

Our order rules functionality allows any inbound orders to be categorized and acted on automatically based on predefined and configurable criteria. Example rules include, routing by instrument, client, specific algo, DMA, or high-touch process.
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Intelligent Behavior

Smart statistics are implemented to add intelligence to the SOR decision making process. It integrates external statistics, but more importantly compiles the execution data over time. The data set includes the probability of execution in dark and lit, and the venue’s past performance for a given time to find passive liquidity.
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Powerful Best Execution Package

Our SOR leverages our powerful best execution and TCA package, which intuitively presents performance on an order-by-order or overview basis. Traders can show their clients the quality of execution as well as quickly learn, from up to 10 years of trading history, how to improve performance against benchmarks.

Smart Order Routing

Our ASOR product has been designed with the latest technology and regulatory standards in mind, providing a powerful and flexible tool for both low touch and high touch trading. With a range of customizable behaviors to choose from, our ASOR can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different clients, ensuring optimized trade execution and maximum returns on investment. The ASOR uses real-time data to interact with multiple liquidity pools, multiple asset classes, as well as intelligently executing mono-listed products, such as ETDs.


Algorithmic Trading

Automate your Low-Touch trades by providing traders with tools for best execution. Utilize the advantage of algorithmic trading and back-test your trading activity. We also provide advanced trading technology solutions for Pair Trading strategies, VWAP, TWAP, PoV, IS, Lit/Dark, Synthetics, etc. With Quod, you can gain control over transaction costs and maintain speed and accuracy of your trades.
Algorithmic Trading

Middle Office

Quod’s product provides a comprehensive cross-asset solution that enables the booking of various asset classes, including Equities, ETDs, FX, and Fixed Income. This multi-asset booking capability consolidates all front-office solutions and asset classes within the institution into a single platform before being transmitted to the back-office. This streamlines the booking process, reduces complexity, and improves operational efficiency. This module ultimately aims to reduce manual workloads or errors, improving the overall performance of the trading operations. Our Middle Office solution seamlessly integrates with CTM and other systems, enabling streamlined Trade Processing, Risk Management, and Compliance.


Data Sources and Connectivity:

With an estimated 80+ trading venues in Europe and the US alone, fragments of liquidity are everywhere. This is where conventional Order Management and simplistic routing systems fall behind – and our Adaptive SOR makes the difference.

Advanced Order Routing Logic:

Our adaptive SOR, for mono and multi-listed instruments, consolidates transparent liquidity in different venues. It also seeks out non-transparent liquidity residing in algorithms, such as Iceberg orders, or dark venues. The result is the ability to dynamically make new execution decisions as market conditions evolve during the lifecycle of an order.

Transparency and Control:

A powerful low-latency Order Management System requires granular risk and compliance controls with real-time visibility of all activities. Quod Financial provides a suite of tools including dashboards and multi-dimensional automated controls/alerts.

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