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Aspect Capital have deployed the award winning Execution Management System (EMS)

Medan GabbayNews

London – 12 FEB 2019 – Quod Financial today announced that Aspect Capital, the $6.7bn systematic investment manager, is implementing Quod Financial’s EMS, a multi-asset trading system across its range of quantitative investment solutions. Quod Financial provides Aspect with a flexible and scalable execution architecture with the benefits of improved efficiency and reduced execution costs. This project will aim to … Read More

Quod Financial will be talking in the following two panels at TradeTech FX 2016 in Sep 2016 in London

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“Buy-side Platform perspective panel discussion” on Tuesday 13th Sep 2016 at 13:45. Discussing the key differences between the new initiatives and how they can help you overcome the liquidity drought. “Future focus: 2026 and beyond in Crystal ball session” on Thursday 15th Sep 2016 at 15:30. The session will be about FX markets in 2026 and what the future holds for all FX players in the next decade and beyond.

Whitepaper: 2nd Age of Smart Order Routing – April 2009

Medan Gabbay

Executive Summary This paper discusses the evolving challenge of liquidity fragmentation as a result of business, technology and regulatory pressures within capital markets. Fragmentation has accelerated in the past 24 months in both the US and European equities markets due to the implementation of RegNMS and MIFID. However, the rapid growth of liquidity has predominantly been due to the new … Read More

Whitepaper: Adaptive Execution Platform and Smart Order Routing Use Case – June 2008

Medan Gabbay

Introduction The electronic trading market has entered into a new evolutionary phase. This shift is expressed by the change in the nature of liquidity, namely decentralization for asset classes which were  typical y organized in a centralized model, whilst creation and consolidation of electronic venues for asset classes which were traditionally OTC and voice-based. This shift also reflects investor demand … Read More

Whitepaper: The Next Generation in Algorithmic Trading Liquidity Seeking Adaptive Algorithms

Medan Gabbay

Introduction Liquidity fragmentation resulting from regulatory changes such as Reg. NMS (in the US) or MiFID (in Europe), combined with the aggressive competition between traditional exchanges and alternative trading venues, is making current execution algorithms “obsolete”. Therefore, are financial institutions spending mil ions on antiquated technology? This discussion paper provides Quod Financial’s view on today’s algorithms, as well as how … Read More