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- Q4, 2022

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New Product Features in 2022


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Trading Front End Alerts and Grids

New visual improvements in the Dealing Interface allow the renaming of most Fields and Columns to a traders preference. Create new short names or change language of any field as well as set customisable alerts to notify you of changes. Alerts include sounds, colours and popups.

Multidimensional Commission Enhancement

New support for multiple client commission types allows complex matrices of client commissions to be built in a cumulative structure using dynamic dimensions. This gives complete flexibility for different commissions workflows by client, desk, institution etc.

Client Queuing and Automation

Configure at a client level how orders are automated on arrival including auto-accept, auto-queue, auto-route. Many new client automation features are arriving in Q1/Q2 including auto-cross, auto-ioi.

Unsolicited FIX Notifications

Now configure any client to receive unsolicited FIX notifications of manual orders using known sessions IDs. This allows traders to update client OMS’s fully automatically simply by enabling the feature for a client and then creating orders as normal.

AutoHedge using Strategies

The AutoHedger can now be configured to use any Algo Trading / SOR Strategies for hedging including combining advanced strategies like Peg, Vwap/Twap, Lit + Dark algos etc. Better manage risk with our advanced position and hedging solutions.

RFQ Auto Pricing on Partial Volume Bands

Allow client RFQ to be priced on any partial volume band liquidity based on a configurable threshold. We will now allow automated RFQ pricing  to clients to be based on any visible price back to back in the market in a fully automated end-end process.

New Product Features

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Get a glimpse on how we are innovating in our product development

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