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Automated Margin Adjustment Strategies

The FX module gives you the ability to modify client pricing margins automatically, based on real-time values such as PnL, volatility and positions. The automation means client pricing can immediately respond to changes in real-time without any manual intervention.

You can predefine and configure pricing margin rules according to your own strategy for each variable. Quod's FX system then automatically applies those rules, ensuring that the prices offered to clients always reflect you strategy and real-time market conditions.

orange circle representing Quod's automated margin adjustment strategies
orange rectangles and arrows representing Quod's new deposits and loans feature


Deposits and Loans

Configure and offer deposits and loans from multiple sources to your clients. A deposit has many of the features of an FX 'buy' swap, where the trader give sup an amount of a particular currency today and receives the amount - plus interest - back at a future date.

Similarly, a loan has features of an FX 'sell' swap, where the trader receives a currency amount today and returns it at a future date, including interest.

*Quod allows you to offer multiple sources of deposits and loans to your clients, thus widening the scope of products available from the platform.

Enhanced Basket Trading

Add extra flexibility and improve speed in sending orders to the Quod system.
Our Basket trading functionality enables you to import a file of stocks with configurable parameters, generate a basket from existing orders (manually or automatically) or an Index, and then sends orders to the market using Quod's rich Execution Management System (EMS).

Flexible features available in our Basket functionality include:

  • Orders imported via the basket can be traded as one group or split into smaller waves, utilising Quod's trading strategies, algorithms, and advanced order management features
  • The system allows the user to define multiple basket import templates which can be designed to suit different input file formats
  • Default values can be included in the template to reduce time needed to identify gaps in the data
  • Basket orders can easily be tracked in the Order Blotter afterwards
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orange triangle with white circles representing Quod's new enhanced basket trading feature
Quod's venue health monitoring showing critical statistics for the trader such as hit ratios, latencies, volatility, and custom metrics

Venue Health Monitoring

See in real-time the performance and health of counterparties and markets. Our venue status window generates critical statistics for the trader such as hit ratios, latencies, volatility, and custom metrics - which will help influence and explain order routing decisions.

Algos and automation can factor in health of a venue when choosing how to execute or how to aggregate liquidity, ensuring you are fully aware and in control of your trading activities.

For example, our platform monitors venues to alert users if data is not being received when excepted, for instance the last time any market data update was received from a given venue feed.

Multi-Asset and Automated Middle Office

Designed with efficiency in mind, our Middle Office enables fully automated workflows for Straight-Through-Processing (STP), and simplifies complex manual workflows across all asset classes.

The unique design integrates fully with all front-office and back-office systems, acting as a hub across all vendors and asset classes at no extra cost.

A range of tools is available to automated booking, matching, allocations and quickly identify any breaks in STP workflows, enabling you to focus on value-added tasks such as such as supporting new business requirements.


Get a glimpse on how we are innovating in our product development

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