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Data-driven intelligent architecture for FX etrading

Dariush Hessami

In the past 60 years, information technology has evolved on a one decade- long innovation cycle. A new cycle has started, which is centered around Data and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning and is forcefully gaining momentum.

The Predictive Peg

Medan Gabbay

 Version 1.2  427 View(s)  62 Download(s)  550KB Quod’s NEW Predictive Peg Algorithm deliver Price Improvement over static Peg on 99.213% of Trades The Predictive Peg algo is Quod’s latest development in their goal to deliver state-of-the-art trading capabilities to top tier institutions. It is yet another example of Quod’s commitment to innovation with a desire to continue to improve Quod’s … Read More

Sellside OMS Function List

Medan Gabbay

 Version 1.0.0  972 View(s)  164 Download(s)  55KB Quod Financial’s Sellside OMS Function List – document covers the full front and middle office features of Quod’s award-winning Sellside OMS product.

Product Feature Summary – 1 Page

Medan Gabbay

 Version 1  713 View(s)  225 Download(s)  1.3MB Trade Faster – Execute Smarter Quod Financial is the leading EMS / OMS vendor for data-driven trading. This single page brochure gives as summary of our product focus including: Smart Order Routing Pre-Trade Automation Order Management Connectivity & FIX Execution Management Machine Learning Regular updates / Upgrades Analytics, Benchmarking and TCA Contact our … Read More

Product Brochure: Execution Management Systems (EMS)

Medan Gabbay

 Version 1  237 View(s)  105 Download(s)  730 KB An effective EMS platform requires a fully integrated, intelligent and highly configurable system that allows rapid automation, whilst retaining the unique trading style of the client. Quod Financial Multi-asset EMS combines Automated Trading Adaptive Algo Engine Smart Order Routing Internalisation Equities, FX, Derivatives and OMS integration Connectivity to 80+ venues (banks, ECNs, … Read More

Product Brochure: Order Management (OMS)

Medan Gabbay

 Version 1  264 View(s)  119 Download(s)  1.21 MB A complete Order Management and middle- office trading platform providing the backbone for your front-office operations. OMS combined with our Automated Trading suite allows for high- touch and low- touch trading with a high level of automation of activities. Quod Financial provides a true parent/child aware OMS, supporting full order and quote … Read More

Product Brochure: Smart Order Routing (SOR)

Medan Gabbay

 Version 1  145 View(s)  150 Download(s)  2.52 MB In the modern market, executions require an Adaptive Smart Order Router. The role of the SOR is to successfully execute a chosen strategy, achieving more than just best price. In a highly fragmented and fast/dynamic marketplace, the Adaptive Smart Order Router is a crucial component of each execution. Its role is to … Read More

Product Brochure: Connectivity

Medan Gabbay

 Version 1  99 View(s)  97 Download(s)  2.58 MB Partner Connectivity Providers Native API/Protocol exchanges, Independent Software Vendors (ISV) connectors, market data feed-handlers and connectors to upstream and downstream systems. Being flexible means that the currently installed connectors can be re-used, ensuring minimum cost and disruption to your trading environment.

Product Brochure: Algorithmic Trading

Medan Gabbay

 Version 1  175 View(s)  107 Download(s)  1.30 MB Alpha-generating or impact- reducing algorithms are part of any trading strategy. At Quod Financial, our goal is to grow your trading through a wide range of easily customisable strategies and tools which/in order to provide control. Quod Algos take data-driven decisions in real-time to reposition orders, in order to achieve the best … Read More

Product Brochure: Price Engine Adaptive Market Making (MM)

Medan Gabbay

 Version 1  123 View(s)  86 Download(s)  598 KB Market Making is under severe regulatory demands, and reduced market volatility makes automation essential for generating profits. A fail- proof system that is transparent and has stringent risk controls, is the crucial component for any modern Market Maker. Quod Financial MM combines FX Market- Making ETF & Cash liquidity providing Simple option … Read More

Product Brochure: TCA and Best Execution Reporting

Medan Gabbay

 Version 1  352 View(s)  115 Download(s)  601 KB A real-time Analytic/TCA solution enables you to monitor your execution performance in a fragmented, highly competitive market and comply with stringent regulations. Quod Financial TCA (AEP) gives post-trade and instantly exploitable pre-trade analysis of executions for clients, traders and quants. AEP TCA / Analytics manages the complexity of big data which is … Read More

Product Brochure: Automated Trading

Medan Gabbay

 Version 1  108 View(s)  57 Download(s)  877 KB At the heart of any modern trading operations are three core principles: Data, Automation and Control. Quod Financial offers the only adaptive execution platform that provides actionable data, with highly flexible automated machine trading and and full control by the traders.