Adaptive Foreign Exchange (AFX)
The challenges of trading foreign exchange and offering clients competitive prices while maintaining a profitable margin have never been greater. Highly fragmented markets, ghost liquidity, shifting market trends, and fierce competition make it harder and harder to provide effective tools to your trading desk and offer the level of top notch service required to attract and keep a steady client-base.

Quod Financial Adaptive FX Trading Platform (AFX) is a fully functional, end-to-end solution for dynamically managing fragmented FX liquidity. Built on AEP, Quod Financial’s unique multi-asset class trading platform, the AFX provides sell-side organizations an out of the box solution with highly configurable modules tailored directly for consuming raw FX market data, achieving best execution, generating competitive client pricing and tailoring order execution to your clients’ needs. AFX enables you to achieve profitable execution margins in the face of heavy competition.

QF AEP includes the following features:

  • Aggregation and Smart Order Routing of distinct market data formats (streaming prices, bank quotes, synthetic currency crosses)
  • Automated multi-channel price spreading for spot, forwards, swaps, and NDFs, supporting ESP, RFS and RFQ
  • Volatility price spread adjustments based on market activity and news updates
  • Configurable rule-based exceptions and case management for client RFQ manual dealer intervention
  • Custom client order types
  • Automated client order hedging
  • Internal liquidity engine for trading desk and client order flow
  • Real-time and historic multi-dimensional position and P&L tracking
  • Detailed execution decision audit trail
  • Highly configurable, ergonomic front-end
  • Fully supported, with in-house, managed service, and SaaS hosted deployment models

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