Our products bring real-time decision making capabilities and intelligence to trading by providing new strategies to seek and manage liquidity, including execution, in all asset classes. All our products share the same underlying platform, called AEP, which delivers an efficient, unique and rich multi-asset trading system to meet all your needs.
AEP is a flexible, modular-based and integrated platform designed for the next generation of multiasset trading and execution. AEP is the foundation of all our solutions and products, offering everything you need in one place.

Quod Financial’s AEP includes:

  • Multi-asset Pre-trade Risk Management, to have a global view of client risk.
  • Order and Quote Management, bringing all the trading tools and processes under one unique roof.
  • Algorithmic Engine, to use or build trading and execution strategies.
  • Matching Engine, allowing you to manage internalisation of liquidity.
  • Set of Front-Ends to monitor markets and order flow, submit orders and administer/manage the entire platform.
  • Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) and reporting, providing transparency of your execution performance, empowering you to take the right decision and to fulfil the stringent compliance rules.
  • Client FIX connectivity, to connect to clients and counterparties.
  • Connectivity to the markets, other ISVs and market data providers.
  • Open APIs, to integrate with the platform, to contribute price / quotes and to code algorithms.

We provide everything you need to successfully implement electronic trading strategies, allowing you to keep the services you need, protect your investments, and enable the continuous growth of your business.
The core AEP is supplemented by asset-class or function-specific applications, which leverages the power of the platform.

Quod Financial’s application modules are:

The multi-asset ASOR application is specifically designed to meet the demands of complex and fragmented global trading markets. ASOR is designed to seek out liquidity across lit and dark venues as well as fulfilling best execution requirements for you and your clients.
The QF Adaptive Algos application is designed to provide an out-of-box algorithmic trading capabilities for alpha seeking strategies or benchmark algorithms to minimize impact, which are natively coupled with liquidity seeking smart order routing. The algorithms can easily be customized for a given client to provide unique trading logic.
The MiFID II and Dodd-Frank compliant QF ACross application is designed to rapidly create an internalisation and crossing engine for all asset classes. ACross offers a unique feature that allows simultaneous posting on both the internal venue and the external pools of liquidity.
The QF Adaptive market making application is designed to provide tools and execution capabilities for market makers to integrate with pricers integration, execution and quoting, and P&L calculation. Adaptive Market Making is fully integrated with ACross and ASOR to create a full crossing and liquidity seeking smart order router for all asset classes.
The challenges of trading foreign exchange and offering clients competitive prices while maintaining a profitable margin have never been greater. Highly fragmented markets, ghost liquidity, shifting market trends, and fierce competition make it harder and harder to provide effective tools to your trading desk and offer the level of top notch service required to attract and keep a steady client-base.
Quod Financial Adaptive FX Trading Platform (AFX) is a fully functional, end-to-end solution for dynamically managing fragmented FX liquidity. Built on AEP, Quod Financial’s unique multi-asset class trading platform, the AFX provides sell-side organizations an out of the box solution with highly configurable modules tailored directly for consuming raw FX market data, achieving best execution, generating competitive client pricing and tailoring order execution to your clients’ needs. AFX enables you to achieve profitable execution margins in the face of heavy competition.
QF AEP includes the following features:

  • Aggregation and Smart Order Routing of distinct market data formats (streaming prices, bank quotes, synthetic currency crosses)
  • Automated multi-channel price spreading for spot, forwards, swaps, and NDFs, supporting ESP, RFS and RFQ
  • Volatility price spread adjustments based on market activity and news updates
  • Configurable rule-based exceptions and case management for client RFQ manual dealer intervention
  • Custom client order types
  • Automated client order hedging
  • Internal liquidity engine for trading desk and client order flow
  • Real-time and historic multi-dimensional position and P&L tracking
  • Detailed execution decision audit trail
  • Highly configurable, ergonomic front-end
  • Fully supported, with in-house, managed service, and SaaS hosted deployment models