Adaptive Smart Order Router (ASOR)

With an estimated 80-plus trading venues in Europe and the US alone, fragments of liquidity are everywhere. This is where conventional order management and simplistic routing systems falter – and our ASOR makes the difference.
ASOR uses pioneering real-time liquidity-seeking adaptive technology to dynamically find liquidity across lit and dark venues. We have different mechanisms to manage different types of liquidity and the overall cost, while disclosing little about your trading strategies. ASOR is intelligent, using relevant statistics that allows you to constantly learn from your past executions.
ASOR comes with a comprehensive set of algorithms which have been built to manage complex trading processes, such as:
  • Smart Order Routing in lit and dark venues for equities and derivatives designed for sell side and buy side firms.
  • Seeking liquidity in products which are non-liquid, such as Over The Counter (OTC) instruments using automated mechanism for management of quotes across venues and market markers or sell sides.

ASOR leverages a powerful Best Execution and TCA package. It provides in an intuitive way the decisions (how did we arrive to a certain decision), the context (in which context, the decisions were taken) and benchmark it (how did we perform against other execution benchmarks).