About Quod Financial
Put your trust in us and we’ll help you succeed now and in the years to come. As the markets evolve, our technology can be progressively adapted and implemented according to your needs. What’s more, Quod Financial has a global client base, which is already taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the new multi-venue trading environment.
Quod Financial is an independent private company headquartered in London with offices in Paris, New York and Hong Kong.
The adaptive trading technology difference
So how do we make a difference? First and foremost we deliver adaptive trading technologies that have been built specifically to support the demands of e-trading markets, combining intelligent, decision-making tools and dynamic markets access, with a non-disruptive approach to deployment.
This ensures that our clients achieve maximum return on investment on their existing systems and applications. At the same time, we give traders and developers at the heart of the business the tools to further develop the technology, win new business and retain customers.
Our modular suite of solutions is aimed at the growing population of e-traders who want to combine markets and technology to yield impressive results.
Our vision, your success
The transformation of global markets must be matched by a new approach to trading technology. Above all, technology must be at the service of the buy-sides, banks and providers who are experiencing change on an unprecedented scale.
This approach is the foundation of everything we do at Quod Financial. Fundamentally we believe that technology should be adaptive enough to integrate with existing systems, while streamlining operations, driving innovation and adding value.
Sounds radical? Perhaps. But in just a few years, we’ve used this guiding principle to help our clients to achieve this goal. These organisations include sell-side and buy-side, exchanges and liquidity venues.